Fall Weekend In The Rockies - Part 1 - Alberta Landscape Photography

As it is snowing here, blowing wind is bringing even colder weather to us, I can't help but remember our wonderful fall weekend visiting Rockies.  The weather has cleared up right after we passed the gates of Jasper National Park (it was cloudy and rainy all the way there from Edmonton). We ware able to get to a couple of locations before sunset that day and since the sky was clear of clouds at night, as well,  we have managed to find a spot off the highway to capture Milky Way (didn't linger there for too long, though, since the surrounding elk calls were getting closer and closer to us and it was dark as Hades there, which helps in the night sky photography, but is not very good in helping to feel safe on the location ;D).  Luckily for us, the fall colors were ever present everywhere that weekend and the mountains looked quite wonderful.  I really love fall Rockies.  It is so colorful that I can just stare at the views for hours happily clicking away every couple of minutes ;D.  Here is a few shots from that evening.  Such pretty world, don't you think?!