Southern Alberta - Before We Got To Waterton Lakes National Park - Alberta Landscape Photography

Winter is in full swing, so it is a perfect time to share some of the summer in Southern Alberta.  We were planning our trip originally for the beginning of July, but were delayed for about a month due to numerous reasons. I was hoping for the hot summer weather (since the previous month was hot and sunny) but the closer we got to Waterton Lakes National Park, the more the sky was covered by rain threatening clouds.  Mind you, from photographic point of view, clouds add interest and a bit of drama, so all in all we weren't complaining too much ;D.  Today, I would like to share Alberta landscapes I took on the way to the park, including a short detour to the town of Frank to see the Frank Slide, where at the beginning of 20th century part of the Turtle Mountain decided to slide down onto the town.  Quite an impressive demonstration of nature's power, that..  There are quite a few places where you can see wind turbines there, in the South (which I really like) so don't be surprised by seeing a few shots of these in today's set.  The Rockies are hovering on the horizon in most of the shots as well, since we were traveling in the southwest portion of the province to get to our destination.  Hope you enjoy this series. Such a nice escape from winter, don't you think?