Waterton Sunset - Alberta Landscape Photography

Continuing with the theme of previous posts, this also will be a post about Waterton National Park, and our little excursion there last summer. My beautiful wife, Kasia, posted a little about our Southern Alberta trip, and I'm just adding more to the mix.  Yes we ended up with a lot of images from that trip, and it was hard, very hard, to select the keepers, and not end up with hundreds of images.  We also ended up with similar photographs, as I was following her foot steps  :-)

Weather wise we were pretty lucky, as the rain and heavy clouds gave way to blue skies, beautiful clouds and gorgeous sunset.  

Gear wise, we both shoot with mirror less cameras for most of the time.  I prefer Fuji, and my wife shoots with Sony, but I believe Kasia does not really care what camera is in her hands.  As long as it can do what she wants it to do.  Enjoy the sunset!