Celluloid reflections

Now for something completely different... While Kasia is busy shooting and sharing her wonderful images, of landscapes and nature, I took a bit of tangent.

Film and Medium Format

I was always interested in making images in medium format, either 6x6 or 6x7.  I always liked the look of images created in this format.  I wasn't interested in film, and as some of you listen to my podcast, Shutter Time with Sid and Mac, I always make fun of people who still shoot film.  I call them Masochists. Well I have become one.  Am I being hypocritical?  In my regard shooting film is a means to an end.  I wanted the medium format look, but not at the 30k prices of digital.  So the only solution was to find an old medium format camera and film.  I have found and beautifully preserved Mamiya RB67, and my photography skewed.  


Some people who shoot with film, have a passionate relationship with the medium and the old mechanical cameras.  I, on the other hand, couldn't be bothered.  I don't really care how the shutter sounds, or the levers work, or the whole process of pouring chemicalsand swishing everything about, just so 20 min later I can see the negatives.  I care about the last result, where I throw the negative on the scanner, and see the image on the screen.  I'm after the image, not the process of getting to it.  I'm not passionate about film, or old gear.  I had more than my share of failures because of old crappy gear, that was crappy 40 years ago, and it is still crappy today, no matter how much it is praised by hipster-nation.  I'm passionate about the end result.  The image. 

Mamiya RB67

This is a beast of a camera.  Heavy, with so many little things that need to be done before you expose a bit of celluloid, that people who allow themselves to shoot, with it are really Masochists.  The week I got it I thought it would be a good idea to try doing a simple model session with just this camera.  Brought 3 rolls of 120 b&w film and went to town.  I did have my little Fuji X100s with me, but I did not stray from the hipsterish path of masochistic delight :)  The results I present to you.  Enjoy!