Exploring Prairies - Alberta Landscape Photography

It's hard to sit at home in the city when weather is great. So often we take a ride into the country and are happy to discover new places while we're at it.  Thus we have set out on one beautiful May evening and had a chance to find ourselves in a lovely place while the sun was setting. Having in mind to travel farther ahead looking for a specific location (The Nativity of the Holy Virgin Orthodox Church of Kysylew) for some night time shots, we took a little break to see the sun dip below the horizon by a beautiful old farm, taking a shot or two, while at it ;D  It was a lovely evening and we were very happy to spend that time in the peaceful surroundings of rural Alberta.  Some say, prairies are dull. I say, one just have to open one's eyes to discover all the beautiful places to see and enjoy. I hope we will make many more discoveries like this, while exploring this beautiful land.