Landscapes In The Middle Of The Day - Alberta Landscape Photography

Some say, it's not possible to shoot lovely landscapes in the middle of the day.  Sometimes, however, you can't wait for morning or evening and so you must do with whatever light there is.  Especially, when you want to have certain types of the clouds that disappear towards the evening.  Such was the case last weekend. We have taken a ride out to the country just to be able to capture the wonderful cloud formations that were sailing above us.  It is truly amazing to watch the incredible cumulus clouds moving through a wonderfully blue sky. It is a pity, though, that they either disappear or combine together before sunset. In order to capture them you need to take pictures of them during the time of the harshest light. It can be a bit challenging at times, but if you set your camera carefully you can get away with not having to use any filters to darken the shot and still bring out the details of the gorgeous armada sailing above you. 

Here is a few shots I was lucky to take during our last trip. I hope you enjoy the views as much as we did while traveling the country roads.  Have a wonderful weekend guys!