Life with Fuji - Part 1


I started with Fuji at the onset, about 4 years ago.  I got my first Fuji X, the Fuji X100 and I really fell in loved that camera.  The looks, the way it worked, the hybrid view finder. Even the little quirks.  I shot one of my boudoir sessions with it.  I remember the client asking if I was going to take any pictures, the camera was so quiet that she didn't even notice.  Lots of great memories. 

First Travel

Then came the X-Pro1, at a sacrifice.  With a heavy heart I sold the Fuji X100.  I have received my X-Pro1 about a week and a half before my family trip to Spain and Scotland.  I had only 3 lenses, old now, the three musketeers 18mm f2, 35mm f1.4, 60mm f2.4.  Coming from Canon cameras, and wide assortment of lenses, I was a little worried that this new Fuji setup is not going to work, that I will be cursing myself for not dragging the big Canon. I was surprised, I did not miss my Canon at all. Everything clicked into place.  Family, landscapes, street photography, everything.   At that time Adobe Lightroom did not recognize Fuji X raw files, and I knew that it will be a great pain to convert all the raw files from Fuji X-Pro1 to Lightroom, using the provided software.  At the last moment I've decided to shoot the entire trip in jpg.  It was crazy, but I was more than happy with the results.  


That year I was able to attend a few weddings as an actual photographer.  I really wanted to try out the Fuji X-Pro1.  Packed my old Canon 5D, and the Fuji and shot the whole wedding.  I was quite impressed that most images I picked after previewing over 2000 shots, were from Fuji.  It was the same situation with a few portrait sessions.  Fuji images were coming up on top every time.  I still didn't trust myself to shoot the entire wedding with just one camera, so I always dragged my old Canon around, but I found I was using it less and less.  Same with portraits, families, and landscapes. 


I usually shot landscapes with a Canon 17-40 f4, so I was missing the ultra-wide view.  At that time Fuji did not have anything wider than 18mm f2 which in full frame terms is just 28mm.  In the olden times it's considered wide angle, but just wasn't wide enough for me.  With another big plus to Fujifilm, they have published their lens road map, and I was waiting impatiently for the Fuji 10-24. In the mean time I had to content myself with a 14mm f2.8.  This eventually got me through until the 10-24mm zoom lens was released, but before that happened... but that's for tomorrow post...