Cloudy Day in the Mountains

Spring in the Rockies can bring an unexpected weather. We left sunny Edmonton and were greeted with rain and snow when we approached the mountains.  I don't complain when that happens, mostly, because the heavy sky adds to the moodiness of pictures and makes the view much more interesting than when skies are blue. Mind you, cold wind and rain are not the best friends while walking the trails, but we can't predict what Mother Nature will do and must plan accordingly.  It was the May long weekend when we visited Jasper National Park.  The snow mostly melted on lower elevations and some of the spring flowers were in bloom. We have visited again Patricia and Pyramid Lake, with a short stop at Talbot Lake and several other spots on the way. We have stopped in those places before, but I cannot help but return there over and over again because the views are always worth my admiration.  Here is a few shots from the first day of our short holiday. Hope you enjoy.