Fuji and Aurora Borealis or Marriage Advice

It is a dangerous territory I wade in.  As my wonderful wife, Kasia, blogs here, and reads my posts.  She's also a photographer.  This arrangement has a lot of pluses, like being able to bounce ideas off each other, or being able to just go shoot northern lights, at the spur of the moment at 2 am in the morning.  What are we doing up at 2 am, you may ask, well I'll just leave that alone.... or I'll phrase it this way.... we are editing pictures :D.  It helps a lot that our kids are old enough and responsible enough that, that we know we won't come back to a burned out house.  Another huge plus, is that we learn from each other, be it camera settings for a particular situation, or post processing.  Funny enough we don't pat each other on the back.  Kasia is my harshest critic.  She can very quickly kill my excitement, by quickly flipping through my latest images, and don't say a word. 

As for minuses, we like to take pictures of the same things.  So if we go for a little road trip, we usually come back with very similar images, even though she still shoots with Sony NEX cameras. I thought of introducing Kasia, to Fuji, but then I thought about lenses and having to fight over them (I'm bigger, but I would still loose), eventual silent treatments, sleeping on the couch.... nah way to complicated.  So we have a Fuji / Sony photo marriage with a sprinkle of Canon for good measure.  

Our latest Aurora trip is a perfect example. We both took our fish-eye lenses, one for Fuji and one for Sony.  The advantage of those is that they are manual lenses, and it's easy to set them to infinity focus.  Also the focus by wire lenses common on most mirrorless cameras, do not have focus infinity markings on them.  Fuji to their advantage has few very good lenses that allow for this.  Also another advantage Fuji has over Sony, is the distance scale on the LCD display.  Going by that scale you can approximate the infinity focus of a lens even if there are no markings.  Sony and their NEX lenses do not have this, making them all but useless at night.  Well the results of the trip are pretty obvious. Here are Kasia's images of Aurora from that night, and mine are below.  Images are almost identical.  Well..... Fuji makes them better, but that's only because it's Fuji :)

.... and I guess I will be posting next time from the dog house.... barq barq

P.S.  Honey, you know I love you :)