From Columbia Icefields to Abraham Lake - Landscape Photography

It is not that long of a drive from Columbia Icefields to the famous Abraham Lake, and there is still a few nice spots to stop here and there.  We were getting a bit tired by that time, during our May visit to the Rockies, but we could not resists those stops, even with a long way ahead of us. I'm pretty sure you've heard of Abraham Lake. Winter pictures of it, with gas bubbles frozen in ice, are quite famous, but it is a very pretty place during fall and spring as well.  This time, we were very surprised to find most water gone from the lake. The dry lake bed (reminded me of Death Valley, sans the wandering rocks ;D) was covered with tracks of vehicles. So we have taken a bit of a tour as well.. The sky was wonderful, the views amazing, the colors so eye catching one could hardly not stop and admire. And snapping a few pictures while there was just a bonus.  Here is what we saw..