A year ago... Photography Reflections.

I have been slacking.  Mostly because .... I guess I'm lazy.  I do have a backlog of images that are asking politely to be posted somewhere... maybe someone will like them?  What if no one really cares?  Will that have an impact?  Should it have an impact?  Should our creativity be influenced by someone liking or disliking or simply not caring about the images we create?  There are so many of us "photographers".  Our images get lost in the deluge of other equally wonderful work from others.  We get discouraged, or yet a simple "LIKE" from a photographer we know and admire can send us on a pixel fueled high.  We want it, we crave it... and then we drop. 

It's funny how we call ourselves photographers, yet most of us are nothing but glorified point and shooters.  Glorified, because we got expensive gear.  We love our gear, we talk about it, we dismiss it's faults and problems, and defend it vigorously on the social webs.  In this whole process we often forget, to create, share, and love... our images.

I recently heard a conversation a man had about his Leica Q, which he just bought.  It was an eye opener to listen how he dismissed the glaring faults, as trivial, like he was desperately trying to justify to himself, the very steep price of the camera and the impulse buy.  Hey, it's Leica, so it must must must be grrrrreat!  It's sad really. 

I do the same with a lot of my posts.  Currently I use Fuji cameras for most of my work.  It fits me just fine.  Why do I talk about Fuji so much, because I like the camera, I like the company, and to be perfectly honest here, I'm doing it for attention.  Look what I can do with my little Fuji camera!!!   My wife shoots with an older Sony NEX camera.  I'm often in awe at what she creates.  Would she be able to do the same with, I don't know, a Fuji or Leica, or Canon or some other brand?  I would say, definitely yes.  Then again I'm biased and my opinion doesn't count :) 

The point of this post is really, enjoy the gear you have... what ever it is.  Make it work for you, and create, share and love.

P.S. Fuji is still the best :)

P.P.S This post is brought to you by both Sony and Fujifilm.  Which image came from which camera, I'll let you guess.