Columbia Icefields - Landscape Photography

Our spring adventure in the Rockies could not have been completed without a stop at Comumbia Icefields. Check out my 2 previous posts: Cloudy Day in the Mountains and One Sunset by Two Lakes to see what happened during the first two days of our trip .  They are located pretty much in the middle of the road between Jasper and Banff.  High up in the mountains glaciers rule. Snow and ice cover tops of the Rockies year around there and it is a great escape from the heat of summer to come for a visit.  This time we have decided to do a little bit of climbing instead of taking the famous buses. My climb, however,  ended pretty quickly, because my footwear was not good in the snow that cover the mountain in patches (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!) so I was forced to spend some time on, pretty much, the bottom of the climb.  Oh well, there is always the next time, isn't there? ;D It was a beautiful spring day. The clouds, were lovely and the mountains, as always, amazing.  Here is a few shots from this part of our adventure. Hope that snow on top with some glaciers here and there will help us all to cool off a bit during these hot summer days.  Next time, I will take you for a short visit to Abraham Lake, where, due to the very low level of water we were able to take a drive on the lake bed.  But that's a story for another day. For now, enjoy the ice and snow of Alberta glaciers..