Can't Argue With That Sky! - Alberta Landscape Photography

One of my favorite pass times during summer is driving back roads around Edmonton and discovering new interesting places. I am grateful for my husband's driving during those times because I have no sense of direction and would get helplessly lost if it wasn't for him. He also is smart enough to mark those interesting places on GPS so that if the weather looks promising, we can go back for a sunset shoot.  We have discovered this little old farmhouse in May driving to a different location and decided to visit it several weeks ago. We were very lucky that day and were granted a beautiful sunset. To me, there is nothing more relaxing and enjoyable than watching interesting skies when they turn colors with setting sun.  Sharing such experience is even more fun. With relatively low costs of gas, I am a cheap date. Buy me a coffee, take me out for a few hours drive and I'm happy. My husband must be a lucky guy, eh?  ;D