Elk Island Again - Landscape And Nature

You've, probably, noticed already, that we love visiting Elk Island National Park.  One can't help but enjoy each visit there. A little peace and quiet, a bit of nature and a pretty sunset or two are just hard to resist. And the fact that this treasure is only an hour away from the city makes things much less complicated ;D. 

The feeling of peace, while watching the sun slowly sink behind the horizon, is something we are not the only ones to enjoy. There is always somebody there, to witness it, and it is more pleasurable because one can share it with others.. Sometimes, you get lucky and manage to see some wild life, too. Our bison herd, seemed to be thriving this summer. We have been lucky to see a huge chunk of it at one time. I never knew there ware so many...

We have visited the Park a few times this summer and each time returned with some pictures to enjoy.  Here is a few shots from our visits. Hope you enjoy!