Summer Alberta Prairie Sunset

There were so many images from last year that never made it to these pages.  Going through them last night I kept wondering, why?  Isn't it the reason we make images to show them in public?  It seems I've been really procrastinating in this regard, as the images just kept piling up, at least I put the time to actually edit them.  I think it's high time to clear out the back log, and start sharing these.  

Living in Edmonton is a bit of unique situation.  We are too far from the mountains for a daily trip, so we concentrate on what we have here in abundance.  The Alberta prairies can offer a lot of beautiful image making opportunities.  Lakes, forests, wildlife, and we can't forget the big big skies.  These images were one of those little trips that we love to take during the week.  Days a long in the summer time, giving us a lot of time to find a good location or two.  Enjoy!