A simple portrait session

I always like simple setups.  Maybe because I'm inherently lazy, or maybe because I like simple things.  This portrait session with different looks, was exactly that.  Shot with the Fuji XT1, and nothing but sunlight.  I think taking images only with sunlight filtering through the windows is a little more difficult than setting up lights.  You cannot move the sun to a different position, you can't really change the intensity of the light.  You can modify it a bit, using reflectors and other tools, but you are working with really what is given to you by nature.  I love the light an early morning sun gives, warm, inviting, beautiful.  Not being a fashion photographer, and having absolutely no aspirations to be one, I enjoy taking pictures of people from time to time.  It's always fun.  This portrait session was done only with 2 lenses one from Fuji and the other a Rokinon.  The Fuji 56mm f1.2 was made for this type of work, and the Rokinon 85mm f1.4 as well.  I really like the look of both.  The fuji is a tad sharper when shooting at large apertures, then again that could have been my manual focus skills, since Rokinon is all old school type :)  I picked the best images out of whole portrait session, so there is a bit of everything... even a little boudoir.  Yes it's a jumble of photographs, but like I said, I'm lazy, and didn't feel like creating separate posts for each.  It's hard enough to find time to blog sometimes :) Enjoy!

girl with a smile
Cat in the Hat
Cat in the Hat
Cat in the Hat
The look