A walk in the forest - Lifestyle Portrait Photography

When photographing people, I always preferred natural behavior as opposed to posed.  I like catching people off guard, and taking their pictures, when they are not paying attention.  I think it just more honest that way.  I'm not a fashion photographer, and have no aspirations on becoming one.  There are some really great ones out there, that can control the light and make magic with a model.  I like to find the natural, interesting part of a person and focus on that.  Yes, some images are posed, but I try to be simple with the posing.... sit there, lie down.... that sort of thing.   Same thing with light.  I like simplicity.  Maybe because I'm not very smart, or just plain lazy, but simplicity and minimalism always grabbed my attention :) This was the idea during this session.  I call these Lifestyle and Portrait.  They may not fit into those categories really well, but in my mind this is what they are.  Beautiful fall day, lovely colors, and just a simple walk in between all that.   It's really hard not to take good images when you have a beautiful model in front of the camera.  So I tried to capitalize on all these factors and here are some images from that day.  Enjoy!


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