Alberta Morning

This series of photos were taken a week before my trip to Spain. I took Artur to Devil's Lake. It was a beautiful autumn day, and the morning mists were in full strength coming from the lake. We spent good 3 hours just around the lake. It was definitely a good trip. Some of these photos were lacking color, so I decided to turn them into b&w. I think they turned out pretty well.

Alberta Morning


Canon 5D, ISO 250, 1/10 sec, f/11, 70mm

Alberta autumn morning


Canon 5D, ISO 250, 1/25 sec, f/11, 400mm



Canon 5D, ISO 640, 1/200 sec, f/11, 65mm


More pictures continued....

Thisles in the morning


Canon 5D, ISO 250, 1/160 sec, f/11, 70mm

Fence in the mist


Canon 5D, ISO 200, 1/200 sec, f/11, 70mm



Canon 5D, ISO 200, 1/60 sec, f/6.3, 38mm