Alberta Sunrise

It's been quite a while when I took these images.  I'm just going through my backlog of images that I haven't posted yet.  To my surprise there is quite a lot of them.  I've been too busy lately with weddings, and other client work.  I think it's time to start catching up.  I've been shooting exclusively with my Fuji X-Pro1, and I really really like using that camera.  Also I've been going around and pilfering old Pentax lenses, from around my town.  I have an adapter for the lenses for both my Fuji and my Sony NEX-7.  They are really great lenses.  All manual, but with a bit of practice, they are still very much usable. These images were taken quite a while ago, a few months to be exact.  It was an early morning rise, about 3:30am.  My wife and I, drove up to this little abandoned farm, which is a perfect setting for sunrises.  We spend good couple of hours walking around trying different angles.  It was a great time.  Here are some images from that morning.  Enjoy!

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