Alberta Sunset through the lens of Fuji X-Pro1

This series was taken a while ago, when I was still testing and playing around with the Fujinon lenses.  I remember that even though the 18mm (28mm full frame equivalent) is a lot narrower than what I'm used to shooting (a Canon 5D with a 17mm - full frame), I find more and more that the Fuji wide angle lens, is wide enough most of the times.  To tell the truth I'm excitedly waiting for Fuji to release their promised 14mm (21mm full frame equivalent), to go just that bit wider.  Alberta skies, tend to work very well with ultra wide lenses.  Since I decided to part with my Canon DSLRs, I guess 18mm (28mm full frame equivalent) will have to do for now.  I'm having too much fun with the Fuji X-Pro1, with family photography, weddings, and engagements to miss the extra few mm.  Also I would like to mention, that these images were shot really close to home, about 10 min drive.  I do live in the city, and this is a perfect example of "Backyard Photography" my co-host and I, were talking about, in Ep.36 of the Shutter Time with Sid and Mac podcast.  Go have a listen and enjoy the sunset! Mac

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