Ardgour Island

Ardgour Island, located right next to the Glenfinnan Monument  is a home of many interesting species of fauna and flora.  Visiting Loch Shiel we have had a pleasure of taking a little nature walk that took us there.  The spring was in the air, the flowers were blooming and the weather was still great. So we grabbed our cameras and went exploring:

First thing I noticed in Scotland was that everything is covered in moss and lichen.  It grows on rocks, on trees, on buildings and pretty much anywhere it can find a bit of nutrition. It gives the objects it covers a bit of a velvety feel, which I liked a lot.

As you can see, I even managed to find this lovely creature taking a stroll on the ground ;)

What I did enjoy the most, though on this walk were the trees. The pine trees on Ardgour Island are thought to have a different genetic makeup than the rest of pine tree population in Scotland.. Their ancestors, apparently, have survived the last ice age.. They are wonderful, some very old, some younger, but all with lovely shapes and impressive sizes..

Travelling in spring gave us an opportunity to witness their glory unobscured by leaves of many other kinds of trees growing there as well as a great colour contrast to view them before everything turns completely green. This early development also has given us the ability to enjoy the surrounding views..

Even our boys could not resist exploration and wondered frequently from the wooden path..

Alas, eventually the weather system has caught up with us and it was time to leave this interesting place and wait for the rain to stop falling before we embarked on the next part of this trip where even more amazing views have awaited us... Until the next time!