Beautiful British Columbia - Part 6 - Travel Photography

Long Beach, one of the most known places in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve on Vancouver Island.  Quite a beautiful place, full of sand and driftwood. We have visited it one misty morning (with one short stop in the evening), taking a long walk, enjoying a breeze and the sound of waves.  Lot's of cool stuff to find and take pictures of! As beautiful in the morning as it is in the evening sun.. We were lucky to get a very good light both times (which is not always the case with travel photography) and here is a few pictures I have taken while visiting.  To check our previous post, just click on the following link: Beautiful British Columbia - Part 5 - Travel Photography. Kasia

When we were leaving the beach the second time, I could not resist taking picture of these shoes hanging on the wires.  It's funny, but I think I have seen such things everywhere I have visited.. What is it with people's need to leave them like that?!

To be continued..