Beauty of ... Pollution?

Beauty of pollution?

It was brutally cold last Sunday when we ventured, before dawn, outside the city hoping for a nice sunrise.  The temperatures were steadily dropping while we were driving away from Edmonton and by the time we reached our destination it was -30 degree Celsius. It was a blessing that there was barely any wind because it felt very cold and we were very happy to be able to take a break in a warm vehicle every 5 minutes or so.. But it was well worth it! We were rewarded with a beautiful sunrise, full of colors and great clouds - a rarity this winter.  What I found fascinating, though while staring at the sky, was the the industrial installations that were surrounding us looked quite amazing against such sky and the light of raising sun was making them even more interesting and, dare I say, beautiful.  All that smoke highlighted by the low sun just added to already interesting and dramatic sky.  It is rather strange to use term "beauty" in the same sentence as industry, smoke and pollution, but judge for yourself. I guess, in a certain light, almost everything is beautiful ;D.. Hope you are going to enjoy this set of pictures from our frozen, beautiful prairies during winter sunrise. Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!! Kasia