Cabo de Gata - As I Saw It.. Part 2

After spending a short time at our first stop at Cabo de Gata (some images from there you can find both in my post Cabo de Gata - As I Saw It.. and Mac's post  Cabo De Gata and more Fuji X-Pro Landscapes) and taking some more shots of plant life as well as views of surrounding cliffs and rocks we've decided to try and find a way to get to some of the interesting rock formations we have noticed from the hight of the cliff down by the sea.

So here we were, travelling the narrow roads in search of views and experiences.  Looking for more places to visit and things to see. At some point we have spotted a trail leading down to a little beach and we've followed it to the end.  The land was very ragged there. Sharp volcanic rock eroded into fantastic shapes and the colours of it varied greatly as if Mother Earth decided to enhance the design of the vista some more.. As if it was not pretty enough ;) And all this surrounded by the bluest waters ever!!

Well, of course I was still trying to catch the best wave so took a few more shots of that  ;)

as well as tried to capture some of the strange rocks that erode into "bricks" giveing people a chance to leave some mark behind, saying that they were there and appreciated the beauty of this place..

And than it was time to say good-bye to Capo de Gata and take the road back to Almerimar to spend the last moments enjoying this lovely, lovely place before we started to head back to Madrid...