Chasing the Alberta Sunset

It's always a lot of fun to travel on unknown little dirt roads in Alberta.  You can discover so much.  In my travels I try to get myself lost in a sense.  I take turns where I think the area might present itself with something interesting.  This little trip was no different.  Completely by accident my wife and I found ourselves on the road and passed by this beautiful lake.  It's not big enough so it did not show up on maps that I have, but I had my GPS handy so I marked the spot for future reference.  It was late spring, and noise coming out of the surrounding reeds, was almost deafening.  Ducks, geese, and other flying species were making quite a racket.  It was quite amazing.  Unfortunately I wasn't prepared for fowl photography, as I was testing my Fuji X-Pro1, and did not bring any long lenses.  My main reason was landscape and HDR.  As always it was a great trip.  Enjoy! alberta sunset lake landscape

landscape alberta lake trees

alberta landscape photography


alberta sunset lake skylandscape black white alberta photographer

HDR alberta landscape lake photographer

alberta landscape hdr photography

landscape road alberta road

sky alberta sunset landscape