Closing In On Summer..

Late spring - one of my favorite times of year. Days are becoming long, the weather can be hot, all is green and colorful. First flowers are blooming, nature is brimming with activity and we can finally catch a sunset in the middle of the week (since it does not happen at around 5pm ;D).

It's always fun to go out of the city, but after a long winter it is particularly wonderful. The only thing that might mar the enjoyment are pesky mosquitoes showing up as soon as it is warm enough.. Thank goodness for a bug spray!

As it is late summer now (it has been a while since I have had some time to spend at my computer to organize my thoughts and write a post.. I promise to share soon my pictures from our summer travels, but for now let me catch up a bit with what I have planned before ;D) I find myself missing a bit the excitement of the new, the fresh greenery and the feeling that there is a lot of time left to enjoy all this splendor.  Well, let's not waste any more of that precious commodity (time, that is) and without further ado let's see how it all looked a few months ago. Enjoy!