Cold Foggy Morning - Alberta Landscape Photography

It supposed to be spring.  My wife posted a few landscape images from this time last year.  What a difference.  No snow, warm days, beautiful sunsets.  This year, Ms. Spring is a little late.  Which still allows for wonderful winter sunrise images.  Another foggy morning at the end of March, and very cold.  I think the temperatures in the park dipped down to -24C.  We were both frozen, but very happy.  The world looked absolutely spectacular.  Kasia posted some of her images from that day, really great landscape images.  I took a little longer to process my images from that day, but I think it was worth it.  Enjoy! foggy winter sunrise alberta landscape photographer

tracks snow fog winter alberta landscape photography

tree winter snow alberta landscape

sunrise snow alberta landscape

fog river winter edmonton landscape

fog river winter alberta edmonton landscape

fog bridge winter river edmonton photographer

winter fog bridge winter edmonton landscape