DPC Olympics II update

Number 1 again. Our team just shines! Morning/Evening brought us again to the first spot for week 5, giving us another 10 points and widening the gap between us and the dreaded Icelanders even more. Yeah! Week 6 challenges are in voting now, and here is my entry: The Wood-a-Nator


Canon 5D, ISO 50, 117 sec, f/13, 59mm

A lot of work went into this shot. Gravel from my driveway, half a bottle of white sambuca, and a lot of patience. First set up the two "Woodies" on a piece of glass, then spread the gravel, and poured in the sambuca. Lighted the sambuca, which would not light for some reason. Just sporadic bursts of blue flame. So added some twigs to get the fire going. Once I had some sort of fire going, I turned off the lights, and opened the shutter. Using a little LED flash light I lighted the scene, slowly moving the light around "painting" the scene with light. Then I turned off the light, and using a red laser pointer I "painted" the red eyes of the "Wood-a-Nator". I think that was the most difficult part, because in complete darkness it's hard to aim the pointer directly at his face. It took a few tries, but I finally got the eyes. I also used the star effect filter, and if you look at his eyes they do have a "star" streaks on them. Unfortunately the voters are not liking it very much. It's not doing badly, but I thought it would be better.
Week 7 challenges have been announced and they are Purple/Door. I might some ideas for purple, but I won't say anything until it gets done.