Dream Chaser

I saw it first about a week ago, when I drove in the morning to get some coffee. I was so disappointed that I did not take my camera with me.. The next day it was there again, low flying, getting ready for landing, but I still did not have a camera, thinking that, for sure, it wouldn't be there again... So for the reminder of the week I was carrying my little Panasonic with me every morning.  And, of course, it was nowhere to be seen!!!  Finally on Friday it was there again!!! The hot air balloon, flying low on the beautifully blue morning sky just ready to be photographed.  And this time I came prepared!!! :D  I knew it was going to land somewhere close so I have decided to chase after it.  Here is a few shots from it's flight through the city and on the outskirts.

I've chased it a long time hoping to find a clearing to properly see it landing, but unfortunately it landed behind some trees in a field away from the road I was following.. Oh, well! Perhaps next time?! ;D

I have always loved seeing them flying high up in the sky and always wanted a trip in one of them... I haven't been so lucky yet, but it's all right. What would we be without dreams to chase after?!!  Hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend!!