Elk Island Sunset Cokin Style

The future of Cokin and it's filters is still really unknown.  There were some rumors that Kokina had bought the now bankrupt french filter company, but personally I haven't heard anything definitive.  The supplies of Cokin filters are dwindling, and the actual lens holders are almost impossible to get.  As the owner of the Cokin P Series, I've been always on a hunt for different filters.  Lately I've turned to Ebay, as there seem to be a lot of filters for the Cokin P Series, straight out of China.  They were fairly inexpensive, so I ordered them.  Once they arrived, and decided to take them out for a little spin at Elk Island.  There are 6 filters in all, ND8, ND4, ND2, graduated ND, graduated blue and graduated orange.  I was a little surprised that the ND filters turned out to be more purple/orange instead of grey, but I can definitely work with that.  No complains just a bit of a surprise.  Here are some shots taken with the filters.  The last image is with ND8, ND4, and was a 25 sec exposure. Enjoy