End of Summer - Portraits in the Park... Part 2

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Shooting with Fuji X-Pro1 definitely changed my way of taking pictures.  It slowed me down, and made me think.  I found that with a DSLR, I would take more than a few images of the same scene, and really end up with way too many images that then would have to be scrapped.  Lots of time wasted.  With the Fuji, I found myself evaluating the scene in front of me, and try to capture it the best way.  Which means less images, but more keepers.  These portraits, were taken during the End of Summer shoot... I somehow ended up shooting a lot more with Brittany, then any other model in the group.  Did not shoot a lot of frames that day, but it's not the quantity that counts, at the end of it all.... it's the quality.  So please... Enjoy! portrait woman alberta nature edmonton photographerwoman nature outdoors alberta edmonton photography

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