Evening by Neist Point - Scotland with Fuji

After a long day of driving all over the Isle of Skye, we have finally arrived at our final destination for the day - Neist Point Lighthouse.  It is a lovely spot located in Moonan Bay at the most westerly tip of Skye. The place looked beautiful in the evening light. The tall cliffs and blue water, highlighted by the low sun just had to be photographed.  The ever changing light just begged for pictures.  And we weren't the only ones visiting the spot either. It seems such places are magnets for photographers from all over the world. And though the sunset was not the most spectacular thing I've ever seen, the time before it was still full of picture opportunities. And even if it wasn't, it was a joy to walk the cliffs and breather the clean sea air and spend time with my friends exploring the beautiful coast... Until the next time!