Feb 20th sounds exciting

Tomorrow, February 20th is going to be an exciting day. First of there is a total lunar eclipse happening in the evening. It looks like the skies are going to be clear, and I'll be in my backyard snapping away. The event will start around 6:30pm mountain standard time, and it will continue until about 11pm, with the total eclipse happening around 8pm. You can find more info about this event here. Also tomorrow is the start of DPC Olympics. DP Challenge is a known website for photographic challenges. The website also has a wealth of information on photography, and a lot of great tutorials. Here is a little info on the event:

- Teams will be based on what COUNTRY you are born in. For example, if you were born in United States you will be automatically placed on the USA team. (no exceptions) :P

- Each team must have at least 5 people and at most 7. The members will be selected on a first come first serve basis. The first 7 people who post on this forum saying they would like to participate fills the spot. If you are unable to retrieve at least 5 people for your team/country, then you will not be able to participate :(

- Since both members and non-members may join this tournament, the challenges will be Exclusive Open Challenges

- During the challenge you must have at least 4-5 people in your team participate, or it is an automatic forfeit. The winning team will be based on the average score comprised of the participants in the challenge.

- For the format of the tournament: If there are 4-7 countries only participating then it will be a round-robin tournament. If 8 or more then most likely it will be an ELIMINATION one.

-An alternate may only be a replacement. If one of the members of your team quit the tourney for some reason because they feel they can't participate in many of the challenges, then the alternate comes in. Essentially, the alternate cannot be used unless someone from their team OFFICIALLY resigns their position.

- The Deadline for entrants will be Febuary, Friday the 15th.

- First Challenge will be February 20th.

- Draws will be selected Randomly (No seeded teams)

- Top 3 finishers will receive custom made avatars (they won't be fancy :P) But still fun.

There are currently 11 teams. It's going to be pretty stiff competition, but I think our Polish team has some very strong talent. I'm not counting myself in that, but as I am part of the team I will try my best not to disappoint. You can track our progress at the official DPC Olympic page. The competition will run for 8 weeks with a different challenge each week. Here are the dates: February 20th, February 27th, March 5th, March 12th, March 19th, March 26th, April 2nd, and April 9th.

Here is our team:

Captain - MAK






and me.


Go Team!