First Challenge Almost Complete

The first challenge for the DPC Olympics is almost complete. It will be done tonight at midnight. There were two themes: Color on Color and Black and White in Color. Good thing is that they were repeated challenges, so one could go back to previous one for ideas and inspiration:
Color on Color

Black and White in Color

I thought it would be easier to do a B&W in Color so finally after spending a lot of time (I mean a lot of time) I've submitted this photo:


I've seen our team's photos, and I think we stand a good chance. Voting will begin on Feb 27th, as well as another challenge will be announced. There was also another challenge posted themed Free Study. So just for the hell of it I've submitted a photo I took yesterday on the way to work.

Sun Worshippers

We'll see how they do. Just a reminder you can view the Olympic results at the official DPC Olympic page.