First Sunset with the Sony 10-18mm lens.

The days are getting longer, and after work I have a little bit of time to actually catch a sunset.  This year's winter weather, is rather strange.  Most of the time it's overcast and gray, only seldom the sun comes out.  This was the day the sun was out, and I had my 10-18mm Sony lens with my Nex-7 camera.  I finally have my landscape lens.  I love big skies, and Alberta landscape lends itself well to the big sky phenomenon :)  This new Sony lens is just perfect for that.  It's sharp all the way through, and at 10mm (15mm full frame equivalent) it's very very wide. Most of my landscape right now, are shot for HDR.  I also have been following the blog of a really inspiring Alberta Landscape photographer, Dan Jurak.  I always admired his landscapes, so when he posted his settings for processing HDR in Photomatix, I had to try it.  So here are are some images from that evening.  Enjoy!

alberta landscape winter snow sunset

alberta winter snow sunset landscape

alberta landscape winter sunset

alberta winter landscape


winter alberta sunset landscape

alberta winter landscape