From Hoodoos to Urban Architecture - Two Different Worlds

Last day of our summer trip to Southern Alberta we have started in Drumheller, where we stopped to visit the Hoodoos.  As early as we went, there were already quite a lot of visitors climbing the rocks and wondering about.  It is a very interesting place, with an unusual landscape.  It reminds me of The Flinstones, which isn't that strange considering that Badlands are famous for discovery of numerous dinosaur fossils (including the famous, around here, albertosaurus). We have visited Drumheller so many times through the years, that one would think, I wouldn't need to take anymore pictures. However, I always end up admiring the intricate designs of rock formations. They are, quite simply, fascinating and, it seems, I can't help myself ;D.

Time is ever an enemy, when one travels. Thus, with regret, we left the strange world of hoodoos and dinosaurs behind and headed back to civilization. Our last stop, was in Calgary.  A couple of hours of wondering in the downtown area made me take some architectural shots (I know, my rubber arm was being twisted, I'm sure ;D). It is such a different world from the Badlands and Alberta countryside.. While in Drumheller, the curves ruled, here was the world of, mostly, straight lines. While the land outside the city was so interesting in color, here, one often needs monochromatic processing.. One needs completely different mind set to photograph both. And yet, travel allows us to experience both in a short span of time and makes us, photographers, switch gears and see things differently. And that, is one of the things I enjoy the most while traveling - the challenge of different environments, light and conditions. Seeing beautiful places is no hardship either ;D