Heading back to Edinburgh..

Well, it was time to say good-bye to Glenfinnan and head back to Edinburgh.  We have decided to make a circle and chosen a different road this time, as always, trying to fit as much new views as it was possible in the short time we had.  It was definitely not a mistake and, though, we had been stuck for a while in a traffic jam in Fort William (road constructions - what else?!) we were not sorry at all.  The weather system that we've encountered at the end of our nature walk seem to have been chasing us and the sky was truly amazing. So even stuck in traffic we have snapped a few shots of it.

Starting to be short on time, we weren't really planning on stopping too many times on the way, alas the views were so gorgeous that we have made numerous stops here and there taking pictures, every time promising it was the last..

How can you not stop when the rainbow shows up invitingly?!

Seduced again and again by colours and textures we were in awe of the beauty of the views we've encountered...

Oh.. to live in this little house for a while.. That would be something, for sure.. See it all in the changing seasons and colours would be something quite extraordinary, I think...

With such amazing textures and colours and ever-changing sky it was very hard not to photograph the same views over and over again, because every time we turned the light has changed and showed us yet another aspect of the landscape.. Glorious,wonderful places, all of them!!

The weather has started to catch up with us. There was a serious rain on the horizon and yet we still took our time to stop, not willing to miss anything...

See what I mean about the changing sky?!  Well, it was time to hide in the car, since the rain started to fall and the road was calling.. What we've found next, I will share a bit later.  I hope we were able to capture the wonderful beauty of these places. I can imagine them in the late summer or early fall when heather is in bloom, adding more colour to the ground... I would love to be able to truly explore this stretch of the road again, with more time and the ability to actually hike in the mountains a bit and visit places farther away from the highway..