Interview with the Poet - Part 2

Continuing my interview with T. Leah Fehr....Is there a message in your poetry that you want readers to grasp?

Absolutely not.  I would like anyone reading my poetry to take from it what they will, no matter what that may be.  You see, poetry is not only personal to the poet, but also to the reader.  The object is not to force my thoughts, ideas and feelings on someone else, but rather to invite them to see the world that I see in a new light; and to see it from their own eyes.  If I can evoke fresh perception to an otherwise unoriginal idea (for there are no original ideas left to man), then I can enjoy an element of success in what I’ve written.  To quote Bukowski, “The writer has no responsibility, except to jack off in bed alone and type a good page”.

T. Leah Fehr
T. Leah Fehr

What are your current projects?

I am in the process of compiling and proofing my second collection, titled Apatheology.  I anticipate that it will be in print by summer, 2011.  I’m also working on a short novel called ‘Invisibility’ – a project which has taken me very far out of my comfort zone, in terms on genre, and one which threatens to drive me stark raving mad before I ever complete it.  A preview of it will be offered in Apatheology.

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

That is a very difficult question for me, and one that I know I’ll come up with a better answer for tomorrow, no matter what I say today.  I’ve been inspired by many artists over the years, both old and new – from Shakespeare to Cohen, Dante to de Sade.  Outside of poetry, I adore Franz Kafka, Milan Kundera, Hunter S. Thompson, and I have recently developed a deep respect for the troubled brilliance of Brian Warner (aka Marilyn Manson).  A contemporary poet named Dean Young opened my eyes and mind to a style that I’ve come to call ‘purge’ poetry, and Charles Bukowski taught me the beauty of profanity and speaking in the literal, as opposed to my tendency toward the metaphorical.

T. Leah Fehr
T. Leah Fehr

Can you share a little of your current work with us?

I’d love to!  For one of my recent journeys into metaphor here is a short poem titled Whisper...


T. Leah Fehr, 2010

her name, but a whisper, to sugar my lip

upon fair lash and lobe, rosy flesh I kiss

and she purrs and writhes, as she quivers and sighs

until she is still, and her rapture I sip

as she quivers and sighs and scratches and cries

when our love turns to lies, deceit and regret

still she purrs and writhes, rosy flesh I kiss

her name, but a whisper, I’ll never forget

This concluded our interview.  I had a wonderful time taking pictures and listening.  I may be a little biased, but I hope you enjoyed this interview as much as I did.  If you would like to  find out more about T. Leah Fehr's poetry and other writings check out here website HERE.  Also if you would like to purchase the der Nackte Künstler, please visit:

On parting I would like to present another of T. Leah Fehr's poems called "Flies in the Wine"

Flies in the Wine

the inherent hypocrisy

of this time and the

futile irony of it exhaust

me as I gaze out past

the bird shit on the

window at a world

giving birth to a

budding wretchedness

as the gentle breeze

carries with it a

sparrow’s song of

anguish and death while

the child buries her

mother and the father

murders his daughter

and the hushed poet and

seven flies seek solace

and silence in a cracked

wine glass as she carves

through words and flesh

just to hear the cries of

a bleeding book and I

know now that it

follows me and taunts

me and I know it must

be spring because

everyone is dying as the

white lilacs bloom