Jasper in June with Fuji X-Pro1

I think the most exciting thing about the Fuji X-Pro1 camera is the simple ability to mix and match lenses.  Yes Fuji was kind enough to release the camera with three very good lenses, but when switching from my main Canon cameras I started to miss some of the glass I had for my Canon.  Since I already had an old Pentax Me Super 35mm SLR, and a few good Pentax lenses, I decided to try it on the Fuji.  I got the Kippon adapter and went to town.... actually the mountains :)  What better place to test out the longer reaching telephoto lenses, than the beautiful landscapes of Jasper National Park.  I have to say, that I wasn't disappointed.  The electronic view finder is very bright and quite easy to see if the object is in focus.  During that whole trip I think I used the Fuji lens once or twice, as I do not own anything wider than 28mm in the Pentax line.  Here are some examples. Enjoy! tree birch jasper nature photographytwilight road jasper landscape photography

valley jasper mountains landscape alberta

mountain jasper landscape alberta photography