Lake Louise

Coming back from a wedding in British Columbia, we managed to get to Banff National Park, just when the sun was going down.  We stopped at one of the most pictured lake, Lake Louise, to stretch our legs after a 8h drive.  I figured that since we are here, might as well add some more images to the huge collection already on the internet.  Why not? :) This time I decided to leave my Fuji behind, and try out the Sony Nex-7 with a Canon adapter and a 70-200 F2.8.  This setup, looks quite funny.  It's like placing an LCD screen on the back of the big white Canon lens.  Even though the setup looks ridiculous, it works quite well.  The lens is very easy to manual focus, with the Sony's focus peaking function.  The only minor problem is that because the Canon lenses aperture control is done electronically through the camera, mounting it on an simple adapter makes changes to the lens aperture impossible, it's stays wide open.  It's not a huge problem for me, as I like to shoot wide open, but it is annoying at times.  Next I tried my 8-15mm Canon fish eye lens with the Sony Nex-7.  I think both combinations work exceptionally well, even though the aperture stays open at the widest setting.  Here are some images from that evening.  Enjoy! Mac

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