Landscape in Film

I just had to try out the 40 year old film camera, on a little drive I took over the weekend.  A good friend of mine, a specialist in photographing pets, agreed to go for a little drive in the country, just exploring.  We took the backroads, and after a while, because I was paying more attention to the scenery, then to where I was going... I got lost.  I mean lost, completely utterly lost.  To make matters worse, it was a grey, overcast day, and no sun peeking through at all.  Didn't have a clue if I was driving north, south, west or east.  Luckily my iPhone found the way home.  Here are some shots taken with the film camera.  Again almost no editing, just a little crop here and there.  Enjoy. Forgotten

Through the deep snow

On the road again

Bell tower