Lifestyle session with Fuji X-Pro1

This was my main test of an actual portrait and lifestyle photography using just the Fuji X-Pro1 camera.  I left my Canon DSLRs at home with all their heavy lenses. The change in shooting is significant.  No more "spray and pray" technique.  Fuji slows things down a notch.  It makes you think about each shot.  It's light to carry with the assortment of lenses.  It's a joy to use.  Lately I've noticed that I make images with the Fuji, more and more.  My Canons have been appropriated by my wife, who's also my partner in the MiKSMedia Photography adventure... and so far I have not missed those big cameras.  Enjoy! woman farm field landscape edmonton photography

portait edmonton photographer woman hatwoman landscape edmonton photographer

woman hat farm old landscape photography

farm landscape woman photography