Longing for color - Alberta Landscape Photography

Some say that Elk Island National Park is one of the most boring parks in Canada and, to some extend, they have a point. We don't have dramatic mountains or oceans, we don't have desert, cool rock formations, hot springs or geysers. What we do have, however, is peace, quiet beauty, a bit of wildlife and a lake that can reflect sunset colors and often does an awesome job of it. One might argue, that, from photographic point of view, such "boring" place would not be a good place to visit. I, on the other hand, disagree.  It is simply a challenge. It is easy to take a good photo of a dramatic landscape. With lots of points of interest it is easy to find a good composition and take 20 shots that will be eye catching. Here, you have to work for it. Make sure you have a good light, interesting sky and appreciation for the subject. When you are lucky, you will be treated to a gorgeous sunset and if you are smart, you will take advantage of it, which, I often do ;DAnd, since it is March and it doesn't look like we are going to get any color around for another several weeks, I am extremely happy to have pictures that have plenty of it and share it with you...

From summer's past, a little bit of everything from Elk Island. Hope you enjoy!