Macro Nature in the Morning

I've been really testing myself lately with manual lenses, and small cameras.  For manual lenses I really prefer using my Sony NEX-7 over the Fuji X-Pro1.  Why?  There is only one reason... and the reason is focus peaking.  Sony has this function of showing, the photographer, what is in focus by highlighting the edges of the object in focus.  This makes manual focusing so much quicker and easier.  The other day, my wife and me, decided to visit a local garden in the morning.  Of course this was before the current cold and snowy weather we are experiencing.  I took with me the Sony NEX-7 and my Vivitar Series 1 70-210 lens.  What is really cool about that lens, it's a macro lens as well.  A little button press, and it switches from a regular telephoto zoom, to a macro.  I really wanted to test how well the macro feature will work with the focus peaking function of the Sony camera.  I was pleasantly impressed.  A little bit of practice, anticipation where your subject may be, and all worked out quite beautifully.  Here are some shots from that morning.  I hope they at least brighten your November day.  Enjoy! Mac

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