Masked - Boudoir Photography

When it comes to boudoir photography I really love using masks.  They add an air of mystery, seduction, and maybe a little ... je ne sais quoi.. :) This particular piece I found right before Halloween, in a costume store. When it comes to props during a boudoir session, they can enhance the look, or completely destroy it.  It's all about how they are being used.  One thing to keep in mind is to never over use them.  They should never distract from the subject.  In our boudoir sessions we seldom use props, unless they will enhance the session, or will create a certain mood that the you ,as a client, wants.  Sometimes props can be really simple, like his favorite shirt or a tie.  They can also reflect your personality, like your favorite cowboy hat, or boots.  Another great idea that may involve props, is to step out of your comfort zone a little and maybe do something risque, like having your boudoir session done... outdoors. :)  Like this one.  Enjoy!

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