Memories of old Alberta

It was a lovely sunny, albeit cool and windy day. Few months ago, my good friend Art and me decided to visit a place where time stands still.  It is a place of memories.  Memories of how people lived and worked and loved this land.  Then you realize that, this was only about 100 years ago.  Not that long ago in the grand scheme of things. The place I'm taking about is the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village. It was the last day the Village is open during the year, and it was free admission, so I bet half of population of Canada was there.  This of course proved to be a challenge when trying to take pictures.  Bloody tourists everywhere.  Blind as well.  They would just walk and stand right in front of the camera, completely oblivious of the whole world around them.  Chose the wrong day to visit.  My fault.  Still people or no people it an amazing place to visit, and if you're ever around these parts I urge you to go back in time. Fly


Back in time