New toy and Elk Island

So a couple of days ago, a package arrived at my door.... post marked from Australia.  I almost cut myself opening it.  My hands were trembling a little when I dug into the styrofoam.  What I uncovered was a beautiful black Canon 1D.  Yep no other designations, no Mark this or Mark that... none of that nonsense :) .  This is an original Canon 1D and right now I could easily call it Classic.  The camera is in perfect condition, apart from little scuffs on the top.  Works great too.  Yes it's only 4.5Mpx, but the megapixel race is over, and this is a 10 year old camera, so I'm not concerned.  I charged the batteries the same day, and decided to take it out for a spin in Elk Island. In the trees

I took both of my Classics, the 5D and the 1D.  I put a 70-200mm plus 2x extender on the 1D, and a wide angle 17-40mm on my 5D.  I mainly  concentrated on the animals with the 1D.  Luckily they were very photogenic that evening.

Slow down buddy!

The look


Also our canadian beavers were out in full force building their new house.  There were 5 of them and they really didn't pay any attention to me.  I was standing at the edge of the pond maybe 8-10ft from them.




Psycho beaver


The pictures have minimal editing on them.  White balance adjustment, levels, and a little sharpness.  I have to say that the 1D passed with flying colors.  More pictures from the trip, on the next post.