Night or Day?

I received an email that there will be some northern lights activity, so I packed my family into the car, call couple of friends, and we headed out of town.  Decided to try a new spot, but unfortunately, driving at night on the country roads, with no clue where exactly I was going proved to be quite challenging.  So after a bit, we all decided to pull over on the side of the road, and try to capture what remained from the very faint Aurora Borealis.  This time Murphy was with us all the way.  The moment we pulled off, the green bands of light in the sky completely disappeared.  I thought that maybe we could catch the rising Milky Way, but that was thwarted by the almost full moon rising in the east.  Didn't want to come home empty handed, so decided to shoot the rising moon.  Since I graciously gave my tripod to my wife (what a wonderful husband I am....right? hahaha ), I used my Fuji x100 with a GorillaPod.  I have to say, the X100 was made for that tripod, or maybe it's the reverse.... but the setup worked wonderfully.  Here is what I achieved that night... Enjoy! Mac