Night Skies at Elk Island - Catching a Comet

I love photographing night skies! It's much better outside of a city (light pollution) and, in order to do so we need to travel away from it. We are lucky to be close enough to one of the 7 Dark Sky Preserves in Canada, located at Elk Island National Park. Mac has mentioned our recent trips to Elk Island in his post Two Sunsets - Alberta Landscape Photography.  We've traveled there a few times during last week, taking our kids with us, in hopes of showing them the elusive comet Panstarrs.  The first time we came searching for the comet the western sky turned cloudy and there was no way to see it. We have finally managed to accomplish it on Saturday night. It was freezing cold (temperatures dropped to -22 degree Celsius) but the skies were finally clear. The comet was very faint and barely visible, even, using binoculars, but it was there!  I have attempted to capture it using my 200mm lens, but was not successful.  Instead, I concentrated on capturing some beautiful night skies. The constellations were very well visible, regardless of a bright moon, and I did have a lot of fun capturing the stars and the colors of the sky turning from evening to a dark night.. I did not harbor much hope for capturing the comet, though, after the fiasco with the long lens.. Imagine my surprise when I saw it on pictures I took with our fisheye lens.. It is small, very faint and one has to look very closely to find it, but it is there! Veni, vidi, vici! ;D Kasia