Of moutains, majesty, and beauty

Last weekend we did something unexpected.  We were spontaneous.  Back in the day, before our wonderful boys arrived we would take day trips, just for the fun of it.  Jump in the car and go.  After, our life got a little more planned, and those day trips were put to the side.  As our boys grew I finally decided that it's a good time to try one of those day trips again.  On saturday night I announced that we are going on a trip, and we are going to wake up early.  Well I got up at 5:30am (couldn't sleep), made sandwiches, snacks and coffee, and at 7am it was time to wake everyone up.  So not exactly very spontaneous, but as close as you going to get :) .  I was a little surprised that  no one really grumbled, and everyone got dressed and we were out the door in less than 30 min.  Amazing!  I think everyone need a little change.  After 4 hours of driving we arrived at our destination... Jasper National Park.  It was a very windy, but pleasant enough day for mid November, and the mountains were shrouded with fast moving clouds, and mist.  The sun peaking through here and there, playing with shadows..... more on this trip on the next post.  For now here are some first photos from the trip... enjoy! Hiding